Wednesday, February 25, 2009

About Our Products

Our hair accessories are unique, high quality, and extremely versatile!

Flowers: Each flower is attached to a ribbon or fabric-lined clip, which can be interchanged between different beanies, headbands, clipped onto your own hats, apparel, or purses and totes, and even worn alone in hair or in ponies and other hairstyles! The possibilities are endless! We use both snap clips and pinch clips, depending on the style of the flower, and how it lays. Snap clips have the advantage of laying flat against the head and are lighter weight. Pinch clips have more versatility in being able to attach to different types of items more easily. We recommend experimenting with the angle you attach pinch clips to the hats for the best look possible. Both types of clips will work well for hair and most hat/flower styles. Snap clips are slightly preferred for headband use, though both will work great. If you have a preference of clip, please specify and we will accommodate you if possible. We heat seal our ribbon to prevent fraying, and use high quality clips and flowers.

Headbands: We use several different styles of headbands in our designs. Crochet-like, stretchy headbands in 1.5 and 2.5 inch widths come in a variety of colors and types. Our ribbon headbands include a stretchy elastic section at the base of the neck for a comfy fit. Various other styles of headbands may be used in our headband designs. They are one size fits all unless otherwise noted. We attach a ribbon loop to most of our headbands for slipping the flower clips into. Sometimes they are not necessary, or will lay better without. If you have a preference regarding a ribbon loop, please specify.

Beanies: We use adorable crocheted beanie hats which come in a variety of colors and are soft and stretchy enough to fit most everyone! See our “Topping Types and Sizing” post for more details on sizing. They can be worn a number of different ways and are super cute! Please note that exact color shades and fit may vary somewhat with each individual hat.

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