Thursday, March 3, 2011

House of Cold

If they look a little stiff, it's because it's about 30 degrees. And their crazy mom has them modeling spring and summer clothing outside! What they'll do for a newly discovered McDonald's oatmeal cookie. (They're SO good!!) Not that they'll pose complaint free, mind you... Or readily loose the pained, "I'm cold" expression and hunched shoulders. ...I needed the cookie more than they did by the time we were done.

Why would crazy Mom put them through such "torture?" Why, to show off our new Posh Toppings - made-to-match Matilda Jane Clothing's House of Clouds Spring/Summer line, of course! And don't worry... no children were harmed or hypothermic during this photoshoot. The warm and cozy dining room was right on the other side of the door, and each child took refuge there every two minutes or so, lol! But do you understand why I haven't been in any hurry to complete our made to match House of Clouds accessory line? 'Round these parts, we won't be wearing that beautiful clothing for a very long time! Well, except for that little cruise coming up in April. Woohoooo!!!...

But I digress.

This is our first blog entry that features our M2M MJ items, which we began creating last Fall. And if you have no idea what my acronyms are, never fear! These adorable accessories are cute enough to carry themselves off with a t-shirt and jeans! No MJ necessary. :) However, should you be a true MJC addict (or a recovering one, like myself), you will LOVE all of the options we are about to unveil to go with your gorgeous HOC goodies. And if you are not an addict yet... check this page out: MJ Addicts But I warn you! Though you may scoff at the cost initially, you will likely find a way to get you some MJ, and then... you will become ADDICTED! Bwaaaa-haa-haaaaa!

Monday is the big day. We will be releasing our pretties via Facebook album again sometime during the afternoon(early eve for you East coasters). Yeah, we still haven't gotten our rears in gear on Etsy. Someday.

By the way... I tried to edit out all the snow. If you spy some, just imagine it's... um, white sand? ENJOY!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Top O' The Mornin' To Ya!

Maybe it's the success of the special edition Valentine's Day items, or maybe it's the requests we've had for St. Patty's day themed goodies, or maybe it's just our love of green! ...Whatever the reason, we've decided to offer a few special edition Posh Toppings for St. Patrick's Day! Some will be for those that love to go all out for the big day, but most will be versatile enough to:

a) be part of your head to toe leprechaun fashion statement

b) assure that you will NOT be pinched on March 17th, and

c) be worn year round whenever you should choose to sport one of my favorite colors - GREEN!

Watch for some green goodness to be posted beginning tomorrow, on our Facebook page! You know the drill... comment under the pic with your Paypal address if you'd like the item pictured, or email us to order! We will post some new pics again on Friday, and then start invoicing and shipping early next week so you will have plenty of time to show your Luck O' The Irish spirit!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Love is just around the corner...

I LOVE Valentine's Day! Or "Balentimes day" as my two girls call it. It's one of those things you just don't want to correct when they say it 'cuz it's so stinkin' cute. Know what I mean? My oldest is NINE and she still hasn't been corrected - even at school, apparently. One year she pointed at the printed word, and said something like, "Mom, look they spelled Balentime's Day wrong." And I said something like, "Huh. Weird." I'm a terrible mother.

I had a birthday recently. It fell during a week that we were preparing for a Posh Toppings event. So, no "free day" for me that week! Just lots of crankin' out the Posh. So I gave myself a play day the following week. And guess what I ended up doing? Yep! Making Posh Toppings! But not just any Posh Toppings. Balentime's Day Posh Toppings! I was in the mood to play with my supplies, and that's just what I did. No duplicates, just fun, one of a kind pieces that exude love, fun, fluff, and girliness.

We're going to try something new. Beginning this coming week, we're going to put pictures of these Balentimes pieces in an album on our Facebook page. If you want the item in that picture, you just put your Paypal address in a comment under it. We'll send you an invoice and send you the Posh Topping! It's that simple. Most of the items will be either one of a kind or in very limited supply. So if you want it, I suggest you be the first to comment! If there is already a comment, go ahead and leave yours anyway, and we will consider our materials (and time) and let you know if we can make another one or not. Sound fun? I think so! This might be a new thing that we do regularly. I just like to play sometimes... and I don't always feel like copying an item again and again. That's not nearly as fun!

Oh, and if you are wondering where our Etsy page and big announcement is? ...Ahem...We're still working on it. Christmas came and kept us very busy - both business-wise and personally. But our Etsy store should be unveiled in the very near future! Promise! We want to broaden our fan base, so we will be doing some fabulous giveaways to help accomplish that. Exciting times for Posh Toppings and all of our customers. Hope you'll keep an eye on our Facebook page and join in the fun!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's been a while...

I know. I've had a difficult time keeping up with everything. I'll admit, the blog has not made it to the top of the list in a while. But today, I thought I'd post a few pics. We will be launching our new Etsy store soon! So exciting. We'll keep you posted on that. For now - here are some teasers. And if you are in the Spokane area, don't forget we'll be at Central Valley High School next weekend, Nov 6-7! More details through our Facebook Events page. Happy Fall, everyone!

Monday, May 3, 2010


My baby turned four last week.

Where has the time gone?

As you may know, she's "follicle-ly challenged" (yes, I made that up). We had a princess party. And what is a princess party without a tiara on the guest of honor? Tiaras just don't work on the follicle-ly challenged. So we went with this.

It stayed on all day. Royal problem solved. :)

She loved her party, by the way.

Enjoy these days of Spring. And enjoy your babies before they're not babies anymore.

I know mine is growing up way too fast. You know what she asked me, yesterday? "Mommy, when did I grow up?"

My answer? "I'm still trying to figure that out, Sweetie."

Friday, April 9, 2010

Pink Warriors

I thought I should share a few more of these Pink Warrior Posh Toppings with you.

Don't forget you can order them via email, while supplies last. We'll be taking them to the Spokane Women's Show next weekend. Wouldn't they make a great statement for Breast Cancer Awareness? How about a gift for a survivor you know? Sadly, you probably know at least one person who's life has been rocked or maybe even lost because of breast cancer. I've been surprised at how many people in my life have been touched by this disease recently. Maybe I'm just getting older and more aware, but it really seems to be increasing. Which is why a Cure needs to be found. And by the way, have you had your annual mammogram?

Pink Warrior Posh Toppings. Email for the price of your favoite style. 50% of proceeds will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Also, we've posted an album of preshow items on our Facebook page for you to peruse and purchase. Maybe you aren't local, or maybe you just want first pick. Take a look: Our Facebook Album

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Spring is such a wonderful time of year. The outdoors beckoning and greening up, little critters scurrying about the yard, flowers blossoming - introducing color back into the natural world. Last weekend we celebrated the ultimate rebirth - both demonstrated and offered through the fantastic Resurrection. What a glorious time of promise and hope!

It's been a long time since I've posted. It was a busy season of holidays and tradeshows for Stacy and I, and then some much needed vacationing and finally, some (also much needed) reflecting on how we can do business better and still be the moms and homemakers we want to be. We are working on that. Rebirth is on the horizon for Posh Toppings - particularly our online store. But that's for another post. First - another fine event to tell you about!

Running with the theme of promise, hope, rebirth (you see how I'm weaving this all in?), we'd like to announce our participation in the Spokane Women's Show. It is at the Convention Center, April 16-18 and is in conjunction with The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure that weekend. What a fabulous event this will be! A variety of vendors, entertainment, cooking demonstrations, wine tasting, speakers, and of course the Race! Here is the link to read all about it!

This one is near and dear to our hearts, as our own mom is a breast cancer survivor. We will be featuring these pink beauties, and donating 50% of their proceeds to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. And don't worry, if you can't get to the Show, you can order them via email as well! We have several other pink flower styles to choose from, as well as the ones pictured here.

Of course, in addition to these lovelies, we will be sporting a huge new selection of Spring and Summer flowers. Headbands and clips for the young and the young and hip at heart. New hat styles for ladies, and new colors in our ever popular beanies for all ages. Come see us if you can!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Show Pics, Free Shipping, and Northtown - Oh My!

Hello friends! I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving filled with gratefulness and with loved ones. We are so thankful for the support and encouragement we have received from so many of you as we have begun this exciting business adventure over the past nine months! We truly appreciate you.

Since last writing, we have enjoyed two fun-filled craft fairs, and I have posted photos of all the fabulous customers who were gracious enough to model for me! You will find them all on our Facebook page, and as always, feel free to email regarding any item that catches your eye. Most likely, we can recreate it just for you!

In honor of "Cyber Monday" (who on earth thought of this title, anyway?) we will be offering FREE SHIPPING on any orders - including customs - one day only! We've also photographed this little holiday gem for you...

Dainty enough to wear any way you please. On a hat, on a headband, or worn in an updo and especially lovely as an unexpected little twist to your favorite hairstyle. I recently made a similar one for a custom order for an adorable little 6 year old, but I wanted to keep it for myself! This is a very fun piece for little girls, and for those of us who LOVE the flower and feather trend that is raging right now, but maybe aren't ready for one of those giant foofy pieces! The velvet hydrangea petals measure about 2.5" across, and are shaded in various red and burgundy tones, making it a perfect compliment to just about any holiday ensemble.

November 30 - Cyber Monday -FREE SHIPPING On All Orders!
Cyber Monday Special: Red velvet Hydrangea clip with feather accents - $13
Add our new skinny silver-toned headband (comfy and adjustable!) - $3
Email us to order this special at

*While supplies last*
(Please let us know if you would like to customize your piece with a different feather color, or a different headband)

(More photos of this little beauty on Facebook)

And finally, we are so excited to share with you our next, and FINAL, holiday show! "A Vintage Christmas" will be at Spokane's Northtown Mall this coming weekend, Dec 4-6. For more information on what looks to be a fabulous show, please visit the show's beautiful website, where we are honored to be a featured artist!

We will be offering lots and lots of trendy new looks, including holiday pieces, great gift items, and new adult hat styles. We'll have our beautiful new gift cards on hand, and for the first time, we will be accepting credit cards at this show. So come one, come all! This is your last chance to shop our huge show selection before Christmas. And oh, I almost forgot! We have decided to donate 10% of our proceeds from this show to benefit children in need through World Vision. For more info on World Vision and all of the wonderful things they are doing, visit:

Thursday, October 29, 2009

How NOT to wear a Posh Topping

(Harper's Bazaar)
Folks have different ideas about how to wear a hair flower, headband, or flower hat. The possibilities are plentiful! Have fun experimenting to find what you like best, or change up the placement for totally different looks each time you wear them or decorate your gorgeous girl.

We generally suggest NOT placing hat or headband flowers centered and low on the forehead (you know, like a headlamp). Dads are famous for doing that to their little cuties. I generally like the hats just over the tips of the ears, which my girls tolerate just fine since our hats are stretchy and comfy. This prevents the spritely "elf" look. :)

Here are a couple more looks to avoid.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Posh Harvest Headband

We're going to start doing a limited-time promotion every now and then. These headbands, similar to ones I made up for a customer's birthday tea party favors, inspired the idea! Aren't they just YUMMY? I love fall colors. We didn't get much of them in nature 'round here this year. I guess that's what happens when you get August temperatures in the end of September and January temperatures in the beginning of October. So I got my fix making up a bunch of these little beauties.

Brown dainty headband (fits toddler to adult), you pick the flower color. Flower is removable, of course, so add it to a hat you already own or wear it any number of ways in the hair or elsewhere. This style is perfect for young and ...not so young. You'll probably want to hoard it, actually. (Let us know if you'd rather have a 1.5" crochet headband which fits newborn to adult.)

$14 with free shipping. While supplies last. What a deal, huh? Add a second flower to your set for $11. Can't decide? "The Posh Harvest Spoil Me Set" (one headband and all 5 flowers) $54 shipped. This is less than you'd pay at our events, folks, and with free shipping to boot!

Just email us with what you'd like and we'll take it from there.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sneak Peek - Upcoming Shows!

I was going to be better about blogging regularly... really I was. But other business chores, and well frankly, "life" has a way of getting in the way.

Our summer shows were exceedingly wonderful. We have posted loads of pictures on our Facebook page and we hope you will take a gander if you haven't already! Remember that, though our online store is somewhat limited, we can almost always recreate something that you have seen in one of our pictures just for you! Simply cut and paste the photo into an email to us. If you want it slightly different from pictured, or a combination of two photos (a flower in one shot with the center of another) just tell us! It really is that easy.

Exciting news for local fans and followers! We will be showcasing a new and enormous selection of flower clips, headbands, and hats in two upcoming shows. Wonderful Fall and Winter colors. Time to get started on that Christmas shopping, people! Don't put it off until the last minute like I do. I'll bet Posh Toppings would be a perfect and unique gift for MANY of the loved ones on your list.

This sneak peek is a tiny portion of what we'll be offering! Beautiful new jeweled pieces, lots more of our authentic Posh Vintage centers, plenty of our standard but oh-so-popular simple crystal bling centers, new delicate traditional style headbands, as well as our usual assortment of stretchy headbands and beanie hats in oodles of colors. We'll even have a selection of trendy new hat styles for teens and adults!

Upcoming Shows:
Ferris High School Arts and Crafts Fair (Over 100 vendors!)
Date: Saturday, October 24, 2009 (THIS SATURDAY!)
Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Location: Ferris High School 3020 E. 37th Ave., Spokane, WA 99223 (In their new Gym!)

Central Valley High School Annual Fall Arts and Crafts Sale
Admission $2
Date: Sat/Sun, November 7-8, 2009
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Cetral Valley High School S 821 Sullivan Rd, Veradale, WA

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hello There, Strangers

Summer is good.

You are less likely to find me on my computer when the sun is shining and the lake or park or backyard is calling.

Am I the only one who feels this way? Thus, the long lapse of blogosphere contributions. Despite my absence, Stacy and I have been hard at work making and selling Posh Toppings! What great events we had in June! We posted photos of the Backyard Boutique on Facebook, and today I posted photos from the Latah Variety Market! So fun! I've added some of them here, but be sure to check out our Facebook Fan Page for lots more!

And now for the pinnacle of the summer, and our biggest event yet, by far! The Art on the Green festival this weekend in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho! Most local people know it as Art on the Green, but it is actually three very large events, all linked together on the same weekend, creating a huge arts, crafts, food and fun event! We will be part of the Taste of the Coeur d'Alenes event, which is in the beautiful City Park beginning this Friday, July 31st. Hours are Fri & Sat 10-8:30 and Sun 10-6. If you are in the area, be sure to come by and see the enormous selection of new items we have been creating all summer for this three day sale. You won't regret it!

We will have some of our most popular pieces available, as well as loads and loads of new Posh Blossom designs. We will also be showing off our brand new Posh Vintage line! These special, one-of-a-kind pieces feature repurposed vintage centers, and are just gorgeous! Come early for these, as our selection of authentic vintage pieces is limited, and they will probably not last long!

In addition to our flower clips, we will share a whole new selection of headband and hat styles and colors to display your lovely Posh Blossoms on. As always, you will find plenty of items for babies to ladies! We'll look forward to seeing you!

Note to out of towners: We don't mean to leave you out, if you are too far away to enjoy our local events. Always feel free to peruse the pictures from these events and let us know if you'd like us to recreate any of the looks you may see in photos but not in our online store! We welcome custom orders. Just email us!

One more thing: Lovin' the adorable handmade clothing my little ones are sporting in the first two photos? Me too! I discovered a gal who does fabulous work at affordable prices! Check her out at 1crown3tiaras. I think you'll be seeing a lot more of her precious things in my photos. I just can't help myself!