Thursday, March 3, 2011

House of Cold

If they look a little stiff, it's because it's about 30 degrees. And their crazy mom has them modeling spring and summer clothing outside! What they'll do for a newly discovered McDonald's oatmeal cookie. (They're SO good!!) Not that they'll pose complaint free, mind you... Or readily loose the pained, "I'm cold" expression and hunched shoulders. ...I needed the cookie more than they did by the time we were done.

Why would crazy Mom put them through such "torture?" Why, to show off our new Posh Toppings - made-to-match Matilda Jane Clothing's House of Clouds Spring/Summer line, of course! And don't worry... no children were harmed or hypothermic during this photoshoot. The warm and cozy dining room was right on the other side of the door, and each child took refuge there every two minutes or so, lol! But do you understand why I haven't been in any hurry to complete our made to match House of Clouds accessory line? 'Round these parts, we won't be wearing that beautiful clothing for a very long time! Well, except for that little cruise coming up in April. Woohoooo!!!...

But I digress.

This is our first blog entry that features our M2M MJ items, which we began creating last Fall. And if you have no idea what my acronyms are, never fear! These adorable accessories are cute enough to carry themselves off with a t-shirt and jeans! No MJ necessary. :) However, should you be a true MJC addict (or a recovering one, like myself), you will LOVE all of the options we are about to unveil to go with your gorgeous HOC goodies. And if you are not an addict yet... check this page out: MJ Addicts But I warn you! Though you may scoff at the cost initially, you will likely find a way to get you some MJ, and then... you will become ADDICTED! Bwaaaa-haa-haaaaa!

Monday is the big day. We will be releasing our pretties via Facebook album again sometime during the afternoon(early eve for you East coasters). Yeah, we still haven't gotten our rears in gear on Etsy. Someday.

By the way... I tried to edit out all the snow. If you spy some, just imagine it's... um, white sand? ENJOY!

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