Saturday, January 22, 2011

Love is just around the corner...

I LOVE Valentine's Day! Or "Balentimes day" as my two girls call it. It's one of those things you just don't want to correct when they say it 'cuz it's so stinkin' cute. Know what I mean? My oldest is NINE and she still hasn't been corrected - even at school, apparently. One year she pointed at the printed word, and said something like, "Mom, look they spelled Balentime's Day wrong." And I said something like, "Huh. Weird." I'm a terrible mother.

I had a birthday recently. It fell during a week that we were preparing for a Posh Toppings event. So, no "free day" for me that week! Just lots of crankin' out the Posh. So I gave myself a play day the following week. And guess what I ended up doing? Yep! Making Posh Toppings! But not just any Posh Toppings. Balentime's Day Posh Toppings! I was in the mood to play with my supplies, and that's just what I did. No duplicates, just fun, one of a kind pieces that exude love, fun, fluff, and girliness.

We're going to try something new. Beginning this coming week, we're going to put pictures of these Balentimes pieces in an album on our Facebook page. If you want the item in that picture, you just put your Paypal address in a comment under it. We'll send you an invoice and send you the Posh Topping! It's that simple. Most of the items will be either one of a kind or in very limited supply. So if you want it, I suggest you be the first to comment! If there is already a comment, go ahead and leave yours anyway, and we will consider our materials (and time) and let you know if we can make another one or not. Sound fun? I think so! This might be a new thing that we do regularly. I just like to play sometimes... and I don't always feel like copying an item again and again. That's not nearly as fun!

Oh, and if you are wondering where our Etsy page and big announcement is? ...Ahem...We're still working on it. Christmas came and kept us very busy - both business-wise and personally. But our Etsy store should be unveiled in the very near future! Promise! We want to broaden our fan base, so we will be doing some fabulous giveaways to help accomplish that. Exciting times for Posh Toppings and all of our customers. Hope you'll keep an eye on our Facebook page and join in the fun!

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