Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Topping Models

Thanks for stopping by our new Posh Toppings blogspot! I have always been a fan of head decor! Having two "follicle-ly challenged" young daughters, we rarely leave the house with "naked heads," as we call them. I've always loved hats and headbands, but struggled to find the accessories that would set off their precious outfits and give them that special finishing touch. Gradually, I began making them myself, and have been so pleased with the results! My girls cause a commotion, everywhere we go, and I have had so many comments and inquiries about their hats and hair accessories. After much encouragement from friends and family, I finally decided (with the help of my sister) to start Posh Toppings! You will find lots of photos of my little models - my inspirations! They are the true masterpieces that I just love to embellish a little.


  1. What a creative and beautiful way to deck out my little princess! She'll be here in May and I can't wait to try the headbands on her sweet little noggin'!

    Creative mommies rock :)

    ~Lindsay Block, Waco, TX (friend of Renee Clayton

  2. maddy&graciesmommaMarch 1, 2009 at 12:26 AM

    I absolutely LOVE these adorable little toppers! I can't wait for my girls to try them!
    ~Robin Wilson, Lebanon, OR

  3. These are so adorable! My two year old refuses to wear anything in her hair, so the little one that's due in three weeks will have a bow in her hair from day one! :-) And some of those will be these, I'm sure! They're beautiful!

  4. Love the headbands and hats Stacy and Krista! I definitely want to order at least one for Ella. I know I will have a hard time deciding though. They are all too cute!

    ~Jenni Bonnett

  5. This is a GREAT idea! I wish I had a wee daughter to put one of these posh toppers on!

  6. Posh Toppings, they are ALL so gorgeous, how would anyone be able to select just "one"...maybe that is your plan! I LOVE your background, display, music and especially your adorable models who are perfect little ladies to show off your beautiful creations!! May you both have a very successful business venture!

  7. Love Posh Toppings! Just purchased 2 hats and a headband and get attention every place we go! I love the big floppy flowers, super cute!!!

    Erika Bonnett~ Spokane, WA

  8. Wow, you have stunning creations! LOVE them! Now I'm gonna have a hard time deciding on what ones to buy. Love them all. They are all so girly and perfect for my little Madison. Good luck with your business venture!

    Donna Yontz- Vickery Ohio