Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Topping Types and Sizing

Bebe Toppings – Infant size crochet beanies, soft and stretchy headbands, and mostly more petite flowers and adornments. These are SOO precious on little tiny baby heads. There’s just something about highlighting their delicateness with just the right hat or halo. These small beanies fit 0-6 months, sometimes larger, depending on head size. They are soft and stretchy. If your 6 month old has a larger-than-average head size, you will probably want to go with the Toddler size and roll the edge for an adorable look!

Toddler Toppings - Who can resist that adorable little Toddler face? Set it off spectacularly with the perfect hat or hair accessory! From delicate little flower headbands to “WoW factor” giant blooms, you’ll want one for every outfit. Mix and match your beanies, headbands, and flowers for unique looks every time you have the pleasure of dressing your little cutie. They are only little for such a short time (I am very quickly realizing!), so spoil them and yourselves while you still can! Soft and stretchy beanies fit most ages 6mos-12yrs. Hat sizes vary. Babies and smaller toddlers will either wear these covering all of their head and forehead, or for a different look, can wear them farther back on their head and baggy in back. They are also adorable rolled at the opening, similar to a cloche. Finally, larger hats can have ribbon added (if they don’t already have it) for a wonderfully cute look and adjustable fit!

Big Girl Toppings – Little girls don’t outgrow their cuteness just because they’re learning to dress themselves and become “big girls.” In fact, they’re probably coming into their own sense of style and will LOVE adorable accessories in sizes that fit they’re blossoming little heads. Most hats in this age group (up to roughly 12 and often older!) will also fit the toddlers. However, they fit older girls tighter, like a fitted beanie. Headbands can be worn with pony tails or with hair down for a very chic look. Treat your little lady to mix and match heaven with our adorable hair accessories. They will love the styles they can create and the attention they get too!

Momma Toppings – Who says “little” girls just wanna have fun? Show your sassy side, by sporting our flowers, headbands and even some of our hats (more to come in the future)! These flowers are popping up in all the fashion magazines and catalogs, often for ridiculous prices. Get them here, and customize them to your needs or even match your little one! Flowers can be removed from hats or headbands and attached to dresses, tanks, purses, pony tails and more! The possibilities are endless. We will be adding to our Momma Toppings listings at a later date. If you are interested in a little something for yourself, please email us and we'll let you know what is currently available. There’s no reason Momma can’t turn heads too!

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