Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just In Time For Mother's Day - Momma Toppings!

Wow. Anyone notice the sudden popularity of flowers in the hair? Maybe it's just me. I have been a little obsessed lately. Kind of like when you're pregnant or wanting to be, and suddenly there are prego women everywhere. Or when you're shopping for a car and previously unnoticed (and uninteresting) makes and models jump out at you from every direction? Ever notice that? OK, I digress... ANYWAY - We can't help but notice the latest trend is NOT just for the "little ladies" in your life (new tagline ideas, anyone?). Lovely, sophisticated ladies everywhere are asking for stylish blossoms to finish off their own hairstyles with a certain flair. We've added a few fabulous choices to our store with these sassy gals specifically in mind. After all, your little one doesn't always have to steal the show.

Need to drop some major hints for Mother's Day? Email us with his email address. We'll do the job (wink)... just this once.

(Please note: If you don't see a favorite item from our slideshow in our store, just email us and we'll get you taken care of. We're working to include all of the above and more in our store listings. Prices for these sophisticated blooms range from $6-$22)

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I love these Momma Toppings! Personally, even though I've wanted to, the beanies and headbands did not look "right" on this Nana...but these sweet little gems might do the trick! I bet, when I wear my long hair twisted up, this would be adorable tucked in! Can hardly wait to try one one...I have several favorites picked out! :)