Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ever have one of those days???

I just called my sister in tears and had a hard time convincing her that it was NOT an April Fool’s joke – that I really HAD actually just lost roughly 60 listings on our store website. Technical difficulties. That’s the short version. I can’t even tell you how many hours have been put into those listings...

So today, our big first-of-the-month launch that was only minutes away when said disaster happened, has lost a little luster. HOWEVER, all my years of musical theater have taught me, the show must go on, right? So please see our exciting posts below regarding the winners of our March Giveaways, our NEW April Giveaway, AND our new Posh Blossoms Flower Clips! You will find many of those in our store. And as we work frantically to re-do all of our previous store listings, please feel free to email us if something you see on our blog is not listed, or you have questions about anything! We hope to have all of those lovely little listings back up in no time at all! (feeble attempt at all the enthusiasm I can muster at the moment) In the meantime... you betcha we'll take your "pity orders" to keep us encouraged! Ha ha! No really. We will. And be sure to sign up for at least one of our updating methods, so we can keep you posted on this, and other breaking news!


  1. Oh, it is such a BOOST visiting your site. :) All the lovely smiles and gorgeous toppings make it feel like spring really is almost here! I love the way you pick up and let the world spin on even with a bump in the road as if it were just a syncopated rhythm you hadn't expected. There is sure a lot more here than just pretty flowers. Didn't realize you were offering soul toppings too! Thanks.

  2. Bethany, if we were having a contest for best comment EVER, you would have just won it! lol! You brought a tear to my eye (ok, several) and if you had been a fly on the wall Wed, you might not be so impressed with my reaction to that bump in the road. :) Thanks for your encouragement!