Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy May! “We need a new Tagline” Giveaway!

Technically, it has been Spring for a while now. But around here, Spring is finally starting to show her beautiful face. It’s still hit and miss, mind you – but we’ll take what we can get! What better way to celebrate her arrival than with another GIVEAWAY!! Weeee! This month, we will offer the lucky winner a headband/blossom set of their choice. It can be a foofy Bebe Topping, a sweet and sassy look for your Toddler or Big Girl, or even a simple piece of head-turning elegance for you or your teen! Or, hey! Choose one that works for all of you and share the compliments all around! That is what is so fun about our interchangeable designs. This month, you can earn one entry for each of the following:
  1. Leave a comment under THIS post.
  2. Include a new tagline suggestion in your comment and receive another entry! We need one that will reflect the fact that our selection now includes accessories for ladies as well as little ones!
  3. Sign up for email updates in our sidebar (if you haven’t yet done so)
  4. Follow us on Facebook (if you haven’t yet done so)
  5. And as always, send friends to us and have them mention you in their comment. (You can get an unlimited amount of entries for doing this!)

Please note that it is only necessary to leave one comment. We will track and count your other entries, should you choose to sign-up for email or Facebook.

We will not be doing a Follower’s Only Giveaway for the month of May. HOWEVER, feel free to “Follow” our blog (sign-up in the sidebar a little over halfway down) and be entered for any future Follower’s Only Giveaways! You have fantastic odds for these!


  1. I absolutely love your stuff. Going to go in and buy something for my niece when I am done commenting! I am not sure you need to specify ages... if you keep it simple, they will click on all your links and see that you offer something for everyone.

    New tagline ideas:

    Add flair to your hair.

    Beautify yourself!

  2. I wore one of my flowers to our Mother's Day dinner yesterday - it looked great!


  3. Well, again, I didn't I guess I better focus on selecting something to BUY! ;) It will be a difficult decision as they are ALL so lovely!! Have a wonderful Spring May, "Posh Toppings"!

  4. A perfect bloom for anyone.

    Your stuff is fabulous, I so can't wait to get one for my baby girl. Check out my facebook, she is wearing one a friend bought.


  5. so beautiful. great job. I will try to think of a catchy tagline for you guys.

  6. Head turning headwear for the LOVELY ladies in your life!

  7. Your products are so cute! I love them!

  8. I just found your blog today, where have I been?!?! lol Your blooms are just darling, my little Toot would look so cute in one of these hats! (And so would I! lol) Good luck on a new fabulous tagline, if I think of one I'll be back! lol

  9. Love everything in your shop! So cute! I wish I was more clever so I could come up with a cute tag line for you... What about just slightly changing what you have to something like "Head turning hair wear for all the ladies in your life." I also joined you followers, signed up for e-mails and am finding you on facebook!